2019 november

Question: It’s half way through November Johnny, why haven’t you updated this page yet?!

Answer: Because I have be bee too busy rockin’ to sit down y type.

Played at the famous Starlight Theatre in Terlingua Tx end of October with my good pal Trey Kincade. He knows Big Bend National and State Park like the fretboard of his Fender P-bass. We hiked Santa Elena Canyon, Window Trail and visited Boquillas del Carmen in Mexico. Super fun trip.

Trey took some great press photos out there so keep a look out for those. And if you like what you see, reach out to him about taking some for you too!

November has been hot for being so cool outside. Just finished my second date at Austin Beer Garden and Brewery (The ABGB) and the turn out was tremendous. 

Been playing lots with upright bassist Todd Wulfmeyer. He used to play with Ronnie Dawson and has told me lots of stories about the Blonde Bomber. Check out his band The Modern Don Juan’s and also “Monkey Beat” by Ronnie Dawson. 

Playing also with my drummer pal Bill Mansell. He has a penchant, like me, for older Western-print pearl snap shirt. BUT, he goes even further: he searches out the ‘twin’ shirt in same style and design but in different color. Ha! Incredible. He says he has close to seventeen twins and two triplets. Ha!! 

Also as you guys know, been playing with mi carnale Roger Wallace. We grew up in Knoxville together and played in blues bands until I moved away. Twenty something years later we are back having a blast. Mostly Wednesday nights at Austin honky tonk The White Horse Saloon. We did a soul serenade ala our K-ville home base club called JB’s Twilight Lounge and Bar. Singing a medley of 60’s soul all in one song. We were both losing our minds. 

Anyway, ramping up for the end of the year. Playing a one-off show with mi herman’s Atlanta crew, Grinder Nova at Star Bar on Wed 27 Nov. First show in close to two years. Look on my website or bookface for more details. 

There may be a prospect of playing out of the country soon so keep in touch and reaching out. Cheers and… 

Let’s See What Happens! 


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